Thursday, December 7, 2017

Holiday Shopping Guide

Whether you call it Christmas, Yule, the Holiday Season, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or simply "Oh god, is it THAT time of year again",  you will probably find yourself in the market for some gifts, and if you have one or more family members of the gothic persuasion it can be hard to find just the right present.
Here are a few of my favorite sites.


One of the best kept secrets of gothic clothes shopping is Chicstar. They make many of the clothes that you will find on other sites, but their prices are better - and yes, they DO have plus sizes, but they don't seem to have menswear. Sorry guys. 

Dracula Clothing: Although I haven't shopped through them personally, Dracula Clothing has decent prices, and a good looking line of menswear.

Wild West Mercantile: Are you looking for a puffy sleeved shirt to compliment a victorian outfit? A snazzy western shirt for a cool gothabilly look? Check out Wild West Mercantile. They've got a huge selection, including costume pieces and accessories. This is a good source for basic steampunk stuff as well.
 Wild West Mercantile

If you are looking for a beautiful accent scarf, or a special hand made dress or ritual cloak, Autumn Moon has a great selection, and as an added bonus it is Eldergoth owned and operated.
Autumn Moon Enchantment


Some of the most beautiful and inspired gothic jewelry comes from high-end seller Bloodmilk Jewels. I love almost everything on their site - and just because I can't afford it, doesn't mean I can't windowshop! 

If you are a UK shopper, and your wallet isn't bursting at the seams, you can find cute, inexpensive handmade jewelry at Metal Liquor.
 Metal Liquor UK

TM Originals is a Seattle based jewelry company owned and operated by one of our very own Eldergoths. She works in enamels, metals, and with resin. I love the coffin necklaces.
TM Originals

Jason Soles is a multi-media artist who creates work in resin and bronze, I'm including him in the jewelry section because I love his bronze vertibrae necklaces. 
Mr. Soles Etsy Shop

Plesiosaur sells adorable enamel pins of octopus, cuttlefish, and other adorable animals.
Cute Animal Friends!

Household Goods

Candles make everything more gothic. Whether you're sneaking down a staircase in your nightgown, or mastering the art of Vampiric Seduction™, you are going to need mood lighting...preferably mood lighting that smells nice.

With scents ranging from Absinthe, to Coffin dark candles offers a wide range of candles hand crafted for those who fear the light.
Dark Candles

If you prefer unscented candles that look ghoulishly gorgeous, then Grave Digger Candles is going to be your favorite place ever. I'm in love with their signature spinal column candles, and vertibrae tealights.
Grave Digger Candles

I love tea - and although I have plenty of sturdy coffee mugs lying around the place, there are plenty of times when only a fancy tea cup will do. Angioletti Designs provides a wide array of teacups decorated with skulls, bats, and attitude.
Angioletti Design

Who doesn't  love movies?  If you are looking for great prices on original (not reprints or reproduction) movie posters check these guys out. They auction thousands of posters every week. Honestly I can't even look at this site until I get more wallspace.
Movie Posters

Monsters and miscellaneous horrors: 

Ann Koi has been making monsters for most of her life, she paints, she sculpts, she does resin casting, and she even wrote and illustrated her own graphic novel. Visit her site and get yourself something strange.

Tinplate Studios claim to be mostly steampunk, but if you look past the airships, you'll find plenty of straight-up horror pieces. Everything from Lovecraft inspired beasties in jars, to teacups containing very special surprises.
Tinplate Studios

As John Waters once said "If you go to someone's house and they don't have books, don't fuck them" La Creeperie is a site that specializes in horror books, if you grew up loving the cheesy paperbacks of the 80's and 90's La Creeperie will steal your heart.
La Creeperie

Tormented Artifacts have little leathery wings that you can add to boots, backpacks, or whatever. They also have masks, purses, and a whole lot of leather. 
Tormented Artifacts

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